Published Works




Rumours of Hope.  Piquant Editions, UK, 2005.

Forgotten Genocides of the 20th Century.  A collective volume (seven poems by George Hobson).  Taderon Press, Garod Books, UK, 2005.

#Nous Sommes Paris.  Poem: “Surely It Is No Time for Poetry”.  An Eyewear Special Edition.  Eyewear Publishing, UK, 2016.

Love Poems for my Wife, Victoria. Olympia Publishers, UK, 2019.


Crux.  RegentCollege, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Ekphrasis.  Frith Press, Sacramento, CA, USA.


The Bridport International Poetry Competition, Second Prize, 1995.  Poem: Sun-Patch.


The Episcopal Church, Homosexuality, and the Context of Technology.  Pickwick Publications, Wipf and Stock Publishers, Eugene OR, USA, 2013.

Chrétiens d’aujourd’hui et de demain.  Colloque.  Éditions du Ver Luisant, Brive, France, 2013.

La Guérison Intérieure.  Éditions Théodote, Brive, France, 2015.